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Prime your body for weight loss.

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Experience the benefits of the Prime Trim System

There’s a reason so many diets and fitness gadgets fail at helping you lose weight. It’s because your body isn’t primed for weight loss. Your diet is lacking crucial nutrients. Your hormones have gone haywire from stress. You’re storing years of built up toxins in fat cells. So, your body holds on to fat no matter how hard you try to lose it. But now, you can finally prime your body for weight loss with a cutting-edge, scientifically formulated system so you see real results! We’ve done the work for you to make it super easy. Our Prime Trim system helps you with:

Weight Loss

No time to cook healthy or not sure what to eat to lose weight? Lose weight deliciously with satisfying, wholesome, low-calorie nutritious shakes with natural ingredients that act like a salad but taste like dessert!

Hormone Support

Our system helps balance crucial weight loss hormones including estrogen, testosterone, insulin, leptin, and cortisol at optimal levels for men and for women to allow your body to finally let go of stubborn pounds.

Increased Energy

Feel a natural boost in energy throughout the day as a synergistic blend of key nutrients fuel your body, help your metabolism function optimally, and curb cravings for junk food or emotional eating.

Daily Wellness

Look and feel like you’re in your prime again with the help of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory omega fatty acids, detoxifying enzymes, and joint support.

Prime Trim Essentials

& Choose Your Personalized Add-Ons


& Choose Your
Personalized Add-Ons

& Choose Your
Personalized Add-Ons

& Choose Your
Personalized Add-Ons

Choose The Kit That’s Right for You.

Not sure what you need? These money-saving bundles take the guess-work out of losing weight and feeling great.

The Prime Trim Family of Products

For a truly customized approach, select your combination from our full list of Prime Trim products below. And, with our 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose but the weight!

What does your body look like in its prime?

Don’t waste more time and money on countless fad diets and gadgets that fail you time after time. Prime your body for real weight loss with the complete nutrition, hormone balance, detoxing, and energy it needs to use your fat for fuel and release stubborn fat once and for all! Get started today!

I worked the Prime Meal shake into both my pre and post-workout routines and am pretty satisfied. The 20 grams of whey protein in each shake help me stay full and slowly chisel away at my beer gut, without losing muscle. This is my new go-to for sure.

- Jason Chang

Prime Drive was a lifestyle-saver. I consider myself a pretty active guy between tennis and golf, and while my gut was thankful, my joints made it VERY clear they were not. I took some time off hoping my joint inflammation would settle down. All that did is gain me a few pounds and make it clear the joint pain was here to stay. But I’m a firm believer there’s a solution for everything. A friend recommended Prime Tone for the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Thank god he did because it helped a lot. I’m moving better, losing weight, and I’m able to keep up my active lifestyle.

- Jerry H.

I’m a big time stress eater. The Ashwagandha, Theacrine and Rhodiola Rosea in Prime Life do more than simply curb cravings -- they hit the source of the cravings – BOOm! - I feel like the caffeine is working overtime to keep me focused without jitters.

- Mike

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