Citrine Challengers: Week Two

Our Complete Nutrition customers who have agreed to share their Citrine™ journey have finished their second week. This week can be the hardest to stay motivated, so read and watch how they stayed strong and moved past their struggles.





Brian says he’s been feeling pretty good throughout this week, however, he’s been dealing with some vertigo this week. He was tempted with great food and plenty of drinks while traveling and attending networking events, but he stayed strong! He considers staying strong during these temptations to be his biggest success of the week. He brought protein bars to continue getting some small meals during the days, and made his travel a diet success even while dining on the company dime!



It’s been a “helluva week” for Jenn! This week was hard for her. It was her birthday week and she worked a lot of overnights plus had plenty of school work to complete. She wishes the 21 Day Meal Plan explained macros in order for her to find easy substitutions during her already busy weeks. Without having access to a kitchen during work or school, she can’t make meals very easily. With four kids all with extracurricular activities, her own busy and demanding work and school schedule, and her husband’s school and work functions, she doesn’t always have enough time to meal prep. Having macros would help her know she’s at least staying on track instead of just playing the guessing game. She cheated this week more than once, making this week pretty tough for her. She has planned runs with friends to help hold her accountable. Also, she’s done more meal prepping recently in hopes to improve for week three. “I am still very much loving how I feel on the product,” said Jenn.





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