Benefits Of Protein Powder In Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Golfers are now paying more and more attention to their health, and while the days of talking politics or business in the clubhouse are still commonplace, there has become increasing discussion among golfers with regard to health issues like body mass index and joint flexibility.

There are obvious correlations between being fit and the quality of your golf game. Like all sports, many golfers look to supplements to keep a competitive edge and finding the right mix can help to keep that swing you’ve worked on all this time, perfectly toned.

A host of different health supplements is recommended to boost athletes’ performance, stamina, and overall health. Because golfers are so active, they need to meet specific nutrient and protein requirements to keep the performance at peak levels over a four-hour round of golf -. maybe even get more distance and work your way down from your mid-range irons to those new wedges on those par-3s.

It’s important to get all the energy you can get, and Protein Powder is a good answer for that. Obviously, there are ways to get your protein from meat, chicken, and fish, but if you can’t make do with those at the moment, a good way to make sure you have lasting energy for your entire round is supplementing your pre-round meal with Protein Powder, usually, 2-3 hours before you head to the first tee. It can also be taken as a post-game meal or snack and can help to stimulate your body to produce muscle every time you work out. Or, add some to shakes, smoothies or soups in the form of a protein power leek whey or plant-based protein, which are also very safe and effective.

So what is Protein, and why is it important?

Carbohydrates, fat, and protein are the three macronutrients that your body relies upon for energy. Most users are adding protein to the diet in an effort to help lose weight, is to boost your metabolism by upping your protein intake. 

Consisting of amino acids, protein delivers four calories of energy per gram, which is the same as a gram of carbohydrate and less than the nine calories in a gram of fat. Meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy products, soy, seed, nuts, and beans are all good sources of protein. All the cells in the body contain protein, and your body uses those proteins to repair, build and maintain muscle. It is also used as a major building block for your hair, nails, and skin along with internal organs.

Proteins can help you feel full longer than carbohydrates, and research has shown that increasing your protein intake can result in taking in fewer calories, without still feeling hungry. This can also help reduce ghrelin, the hormone that controls hunger, in turn decreasing feelings of hunger. With protein, your body expends more energy than when digesting carbohydrates or fat and can help increase your metabolism and burn more calories, even when you’re at rest. Add some strength training and muscle building to your activities to your routine and you can even boost your metabolism further.

So, the bottom line. Consuming more protein either in your meals or as snacks just may be one of the easiest ways to keep your swing on the track, and lower your scores.

Jordan Fuller - 

Jordan Fuller is a golf coach and mentor. He also loves to write about golf and owns a publication site, You can read more tips and guides about golf on his site.

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