Complete Roast Protein Coffee

A delicious coffee protein shake that will energize you before or after your workout.


Do More With Your Coffee

Getting enough protein in a day isn’t easy, but we think it can be – with Complete Roast Protein Coffee! With 15-18 grams of high-quality protein packed into every serving, our protein coffee keeps you on track with your fitness goals – even when you’re on a coffee break. Made with real Colombian coffee beans craft-roasted, our protein coffee offers the best coffee flavors and a whopping 75-115 milligrams of caffeine per serving (equivalent to a double shot of espresso). Say goodbye to the artificial-tasting and chalky coffee-flavored protein powder in your gym locker. We want you to enjoy the real, aromatic taste of coffee in every sip. With our protein coffee, you're getting a delicious beverage without filler or 'bad' ingredients. No trans-fat. No added sugar. No gluten. We keep it simple so you can indulge in our protein coffee whenever you want.

Quality whey protein

Our unique blend of Whey Protein Isolates (WPI) and Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) delivers 15 grams of fast-acting proteins and a complete amino acid profile to keep your hunger at bay and ensure your muscles get the building blocks they need for repair and growth.

Real coffee beans

Made with authentic, aromatic Colombian coffee beans, we’re confident that our protein coffee shake tastes exactly like the freshly brewed coffee you buy from your favorite barista –only with less sugar, fat, and calories,. And with 115 milligrams of caffeine per serving, we believe coffee doesn’t get better than that.

No added sugars

With just 1 gram of sugar per serving, our premium Maine Roast Protein Coffee is ideal for you if you’re following the ketogenic diet (or any diet, really), conscious of your daily sugar intake, or are just trying to do away with the pesky sugar-related mid-day energy crash.

Low in Calories

Drink to your heart’s content – without the guilt! At under 100 calories per serving, we’ve formulated our protein coffee shake to be free of junk ingredients and calories – you can be sure that every sip supports your diet goals, and gets you closer to your dream physique.

Power Up With These Mouth-Watering Protein Coffee Flavors

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Power Up Your Day… Complete Roast Protein Coffee Delivers

Power up your day with our delicious, filling coffee protein shakes – anytime, anywhere.

Take A Peek Into Our Brew

Coffee may taste amazing, but just take a look at its nutrition profile; the lack of protein and nutrients in coffee makes it a poor choice to support your fitness goals.

Our determination to do something about it inspired us to come up with our specially-crafted coffee protein powder blend that meets your caffeine, protein, and micronutrient needs – all at the same time.

Guilt-Free Treat

There are times in life when you need that little helping hand to achieve your fitness goals. Like when you're in an afternoon slump and the smell of fresh donuts in your neighborhood bakery wafts over. Or when your evening meetings run over, and the only food nearby is that sinful cake leftover from your colleague’s birthday party.

Let our coffee protein powder be your helping hand. With less than 100 calories per serving, you can indulge in this sweet treat at any time for an energy boost – minus the guilt! Need something to tide you over until dinner, beat the afternoon slump or help you lose weight? Spoil yourself with this guilt-free sweet treat!

Crush Your Fitness Goals

Your favorite coffee house drinks are incredibly unhealthy; they’re chock full of sugar, fats … and who knows what else. Don’t let your love of coffee sabotage your fitness goals.

Choose Complete Roast Protein Coffee when you need a pick-me-up. It’s the ultimate nutrition hack to crushing your fitness goals.

With 15 grams of added protein, you can be sure that you’re building a better physique in the process of enjoying our iced coffee protein shake – one sip at a time. And you’re not just achieving a better physique. We add nutrients to our protein coffee so you can work towards better health, too!

Smooth In Seconds

If you’ve ever mixed anything more than two scoops of protein powder in coffee, you know the disappointing, clumpy, sad-looking result. We trust that you're not a big fan of protein lumps in your protein shake – they can ruin the taste of an otherwise-delicious drink.

Protein coffee is the answer. Complete Roast Protein Coffee mixes exceptionally well; you get that smooth, unparalleled taste within seconds – even when you’re on the go .

Love iced coffee? Simply blend our coffee protein powder with 8 oz. of iced water or milk with ice cubes to enjoy an iced coffee protein shake.

All-Day Convenient Energy Booster

We understand that for a busy, active individual like yourself, there’s a constant need for two things throughout your day: protein and caffeine. So why not get the best of coffee and protein powder in one convenient shake?

“But who has time to mix scoops of protein powder in coffee?” you may ask. “Besides, the separate addition of protein in coffee can get expensive.”
That’s where our specially-formulated, coffee protein powder comes in handy. In addition to packing 15 grams of protein each serving, it also delivers 115 milligrams of caffeine – that’s equivalent to two espresso shots – straight into your bloodstream. And because Complete Roast Protein Coffee is made with real Colombian coffee beans, the taste of our coffee protein powder surpasses that of any coffee-flavored protein powder.

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Ready To Level Up Your Coffee Habit?

If you lead a hectic, active lifestyle and wish you could harness the benefits of both coffee and protein powder in a single, convenient, and healthy shake, Complete Roast Protein Coffee is the ultimate nutrition hack for you. Start maximizing your daily coffee’s nutrition profile today – snag your favorite flavors before they sell out!

Maine Roast Protein Coffee tastes amazing and has fantastic macros. It's sweet just like a vanilla latte and has the kick of espresso! A must have in your protein rotation!

-Dana T

I am usually NOT a protein lover. Protein is usually something that I need to chug but not anymore! Maine Roast Protein Coffee is amazing. It's super smooth(even with just a shaker) taste amazing and gives that extra kick of caffeine! I highly recommend this product.


I bought Maine Roast Protein Coffee a few weeks back and I absolutely love it! I make all of my friends try it when I have it & everyone seems to enjoy it. Its my favorite kind of coffee flavor product and I cant get over how little sugar is in it. Its definitely my favorite thing Ive tried so far!


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