5 Easy Ways to Burn Calories

5 Easy Ways to Burn Calories


Whether you’re looking to get healthy or get back at an ex, burning others (and your health issues) with a smoking body requires that YOU feel the burn first. A calorie is a widely used term in the diet and fitness industry, and you’ve undoubtedly often been told to watch your calories or have been suggested exercises that burn them faster. Burning calories is the process your body undertakes when it uses up stored fats for fuel. This usually happens when the body is deprived of excess calories or during strenuous exercise, therefore leading to weight loss.

Setting your metabolism on fire shouldn’t always have to be such an arduous task. Your body is continuously burning calories, just not always as fast or efficiently as you’d like. So, to light up your calories like the 4th of July, here are 5 easy ways to burn calories.

1-    Make walking your constant companion

Don’t underestimate the power of a good walk! Though it may not seem like it, walking is a great way to remain healthy, calm and burn off calories. The invention of elevators and escalators, though necessary, has drastically reduced our steps and made us lazy to a fault. So next time you face the choice, ditch these inventions and head on straight to the nearest stairs.

2-    Get a good night’s sleep

As unbelievable as it may sound, you can achieve the body of your dreams by merely dreaming long enough about it. Getting quality sleep of 6-9 hours each night gives your body the time to regulate hormones and brain function. This leads to better overall health and metabolism, so make a good night’s sleep your routine.

3-    Hydrate

Make it a habit, and your body will thank you for ages to come. Hydrating will activate the metabolic processes, thus allowing your body to burn calories efficiently throughout the day.

Additionally, aim to drink as much water as possible throughout the day. This not only reduces hunger pangs, but also gives you amazing skin.

4-    Become a ground potato instead of couch potato

This may sound funny at first but hear us out. Next time an activity requires you to sit down, be it internet surfing, watching television or playing a game, skip the couch and seat yourself on the ground. Sitting on the ground requires our muscles to give us constant support, so we remain upright. This, in turn, allows you to burn calories while merely sitting.

5-    Chew your calories away

Next time you feel a craving coming, grab some chewing gum. The action of chewing not only works your jaw muscles but also tricks your body into thinking it has eaten. Thus, allowing you to burn calories and prevent you from taking in excessive calories.

Integrate these five habits into your life and relax as the calories burn away on their own!

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