6 Outdoor Activities to Keep You in Shape in the Summer Sun

Summer is here! It feels like only yesterday we were making our New Year’s resolutions. This was going to be the year we finally started that workout routine we’ve talked about for ages, got the summer body we’ve been dreaming of, or tried something new and out-of-the-box for our fitness routine. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, whether you’re crushing it in the gym and competitions or just getting back in shape, Complete Nutrition is here to help with quality products that fulfill all your health and fitness needs.

In the Summer, when your schedule and priorities are shifting to fun in the sun, fitness can be tough to focus on. But you don’t need to lock yourself in the gym under fluorescent lights repeating the same ‘ol routine to get a good workout in…

Here are some fun outdoor Summer activities that will get you moving and even double as a workout to keep you fit through the sunny season. And, feel free to bring friends and family along for an even better time!

1. Go to the Beach

In most of coastal America, if it’s not Summer, the beach just isn’t happening. But once summer arrives the beach is the place to be. One of the best parts of the beach is that there’s so many different ways to sneak in some exercise. You can swim in the ocean, play catch, or even play volleyball. Simply walking on the sand provides exercise-level resistance. In fact, it takes more than twice the energy to move across sand as it would across a hard surface at the same pace, which strengthens your legs.

If you want to crank the workout level of your watersports up another notch, try kayaking. The consistent rowing is an incredible upper body workout.

2. Go for a Swim

There’s no time like the Summer to go for a dip! Whether it’s the ocean, your local rec center pool, or a vacation getaway at a swanky hotel pool, cooling off in the water is an excellent way to have fun and sneak in a workout. You don’t need to do timed laps to get your blood flowing. Simply spending time swimming and fighting the resistance of the water can burn calories and strengthen muscles all over. If you go swimming in the ocean, fighting the waves can make the exercise more strenuous. Want a more intense workout? Try surfing! When you swim, your body is constantly working, but all the summer fun you’ll be having will make the hours fly by.

3. Explore Your Area By Foot

Have you gone for a run around the block recently, or walked to your favorite, nearby coffee shop or restaurant instead of driving? If you often spend gym time running on the treadmill, Summer is the perfect time to take that running outdoors. It’s the same theory behind taking the stairs instead of an elevator—if you’re close enough to walk, but you’re driving instead, you’re not burning calories or toning muscles. Take advantage of the weather to get your body moving. If you usually drive, you’ll get to see everything familiar from a new perspective. Even if you have no specific destination in mind, a quick walk outdoors can be very rewarding both physically and mentally. This works even better if you’re on vacation, where everything you walk or run past will be totally new to you. Who knows, you may even discover a hidden gem or two on your adventures!

If walking and running in your area sound fun, but you’d like to extend your range, then biking is the ideal summer activity for you! There’s nothing like the wind on your face while you’re cruising around on a bicycle. Biking is great because you can do it almost anywhere, and it’s an incredible workout. If you go for a ride in a hilly area, get ready for a really intense burn.

4. Rock Climbing

This one’s not for everyone, especially if you’re afraid of heights! For the more in-shape and adventurous, if you live or are vacationing near any national park or wilderness area, chances are there’s plenty of rock climbing happening right under your nose. In order to be done safely, outdoor rock climbing may require the assistance of an experienced climber that has the necessary gear. A quick Google search of your area can turn up dozens of great climbing routes and companies that will guide you through a fun day climbing. Outdoor climbing is a very tough workout, but if you’re up to the challenge, it can also be a seriously rewarding and fun time.

5. Go for a Hike

If rock climbing sounds too intense for you, but you still want to experience nature in the Summer months, then an awesome alternative is hiking! Hiking gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of urban living, which is great for your emotional health. You also get as much of a workout out of it as you put in. Make sure to research or use a trail map or guide to help you choose the right hike for your fitness level. Depending on the incline, length, and quantity of shade on a hike, you can find the level of difficulty that’s right for you. And, you’ll feel the reward of getting to the top and seeing how far you’ve come. It’s always a great view from the top!

6. Go to the Park

The park may be there all year but it’s never quite as beautiful as it is during the summer. Grab your friends and family, pack a picnic, and get ready for a fun-filled day. You can spend time at the park with any number of activities depending on how many people you bring along. Sports are a great choice for a workout alternative, and will help you work off the picnic lunch! You can bring the dogs and kids and play catch, race, or even just stroll around the beautiful scenery people watching. You might even want to lay out your picnic blanket and do some yoga stretches or sit ups!

Remember that with all these activities, it is extremely important to keep safety in mind, especially during the hottest months of the year. Make sure you drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen. If you’re going to be outside for a long time, pack extra food and drink even more water to fight the heat. And if you’re going somewhere new, let a friend or family member know where you’re headed.

Summer will soon be in full force, and we want you to wring all the best memories out of this one. These activities are fun ways to stay active in the most outdoorsy month. If your summer schedule is shifting between vacations or changing work hours, you can use this guide to help make up for a missed gym day here or there. You can even do everything in this guide on a vacation to slide in some extra exercise and keep yourself on track. These activities are structured first and foremost for Summer fun, not a workout, but they will certainly give you one!

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