Body Composition

During weight loss, we can see decreases in both unwanted fat mass and metabolically active muscle, but just weighing in doesn’t determine the distribution of what was lost. Uncertainty can make identifying if your efforts are successful difficult and ultimately lead to frustration and failure.

Body composition is a more accurate option for providing insight to overall health and weight by analyzing changes in the amount of fat mass and fat free mass (everything else: muscle, organs, water etc). Focusing on body composition, rather than weight, provides valuable insight to help you get results more efficiently.

Follow these steps to learn more about your body composition and how to change it!

1. Measure your Body Composition

Start reaching your goals by stopping into select Complete Nutrition locations to receive your free body composition analysis. Obtaining a baseline measurement and tracking your results is the first step toward improving your health.

2. Pick A Goal

Improving body composition involves working toward lowering body fat and increasing lean body mass. Your body responds differently to programs designed to burn fat than those designed to build muscle. Therefore, you will want to pick one goal to focus on first. Your Complete Nutrition consultant will provide you with valuable resources to help you get the results you deserve.

3. Retest & Track Your Progress

As you continue to get more fit, you will need adjustments to your fitness and nutrition plan. Retesting your body composition will help you more efficiently reach your goals, because you will actually see how the lifestyle changes you make help to lower body fat and increase muscle.


Don’t let uncertainty, weight fluctuation, and misguided effort effect your motivation. With Complete Nutrition’s BodyComp Analysis, you can rest assured your hard work will pay off and you’ll see real results!

Sarah Mattison Berndt, MS, RD, CD
Owner Fit Fresh Cuisine & Hybrid Athletic Club

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