Brenda is Proud to be Fit and Forty


My main motivation for losing weight was my fortieth birthday. I did not want to be fat and forty, I wanted to be FIT and forty! I have two children and wanted to set a good example for them. I did not want getting older to mean I had to gain weight and feel bad about myself. One day I said to myself, if I don’t do it, no one will do it for me! A good friend of mine introduced me to Complete Nutrition. I worked out a lot before, but mainly did a lot of cardio and didn’t eat the right things. I did not eat enough protein at all and thought I could live on carbs and veggies.

Once I started lifting weights along with my cardio, adding 5-6 servings of protein and several small meals a day, taking supplements, drinking a lot of water instead of pop and eating clean, I was amazed and so excited about how the fast the weight came off! Finally the combination of exercise, nutrition, supplementation, and hydration made perfect sense to me….and it WORKED! I even changed my goal from losing 10lbs to losing 25lbs.


I lost 25lbs and went from weighing 143 to weighing 118. My body fat went from 28.9% to 13.7%. I also lost 36 inches on my 5-foot-3.5-inch frame. I went from wearing sizes 8-10 to 0-2 now. I love wearing jeans now, size 2! My thighs were always heavy and that is the transformation that I am most proud of. I’ll never forget in junior high track when a male friend of mine told me my thighs looked like cottage cheese! Those thighs finally became toned, more muscular and firm as I turned 40. The great part is I have been able to keep it off too, going on three years!

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Besides eating clean, supplements that helped me in my weight loss journey were the Complete Woman multivitamin, calcium, acidophilus, Buzzerk, Blitzz, Rezzerect, Mega Shred, NX6, The Water Pill and V-Core protein powder – in yummy shakes and in my oatmeal. These supplements do a lot to help…from keeping muscles nourished, assisting with muscle recovery and growth, increased strength, and enhanced nutrient availability to cells. Besides their amazing products, I have been very impressed with the expert knowledge of staff members and the customer service at the Complete Nutrition stores.

My favorite product is Rezzerect. I love that it refuels you with protein, glutamine, and BCAAs, and has kre-alkaline creatine in it! I used to have to take several products post-workout, but now I can just take one and I totally look forward to drinking it after my workout. I love the Blue Razz flavor especially, but they are all great! It definitely refuels your body and is a great recovery drink after a tough workout.


I am extremely proud and happy to be 42 and in the best shape of my life! My fitness is still a work in progress and I keep striving to improve every day. I want to set a good example for my children, be the best that I can be and live a long and healthy life. If you set goals and believe in yourself, you CAN do it! Nothing is better than feeling fit, sexy, and healthy!

Thank you Complete Nutrition for this incredible opportunity and for changing so many lives with your quality products as well as your focus on balanced diet and exercise! You are the BEST!

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