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It was the final week of our customers’ 21-day Citrine journey. See what their final thoughts are about Citrine and their  past 21 days. From increased energy to fighting cravings, see what they have to say about the 3 weeks as a whole and their plans to stay the course going forward.





As Nancy finished her third week of Citrine, she says she feels “as confident about the value of this product” as she did the first week.  When starting, she felt immediate changes in energy and appetite control, but was skeptical that a product could really make a difference.  When she first started using Complete Nutrition products, she chose ReFirm. She loved ReFirm and actually won Complete Nutrition’s 2014 Transformation Challenge. She’s since tried a few other weight loss products, but these didn’t help her reach her goals. She was so happy to give Citrine a chance though. “It has been a significant improvement for me compared to the other products,” said Nancy.

Nancy’s been sick the last week and found herself reaching for food as comfort; this has been her biggest struggle during the final week.  Luckily, because she had seen the success with Citrine in the first two weeks, she tried to figure out if she was truly hungry or just looking for that comfort.

The greatest success, besides seeing consistent weight loss, she said was not having to deal with sweet cravings. Nancy loves her sugar, so this was her greatest success during the 21 days. She’s noticed she’s more productive and motivated personally and has decided to start a new routine with a trainer this week! “Citrine has helped to get me re-focused and re-motivated!  I would certainly recommend it to a friend!” exclaimed Nancy! She’s lost a total of 9 pounds in three weeks and is excited to continue her goals before her 50th birthday.



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