Raspberry ketones have been touted by television personality Dr. Oz as a miracle fat burner and weight loss supplement. Human studies have not been conducted to support this claim, however. Raspberry ketones, scientifically referred to as rheosmin, are a naturally occurring chemical found in raspberries, Turkish rhubarb, and trees like pine and maple. You can find raspberry ketone extract as a natural supplement in a pill, liquid or powder form. Never take this or any supplements without first consulting your doctor.

Potential Fat-Burner

In animal studies, raspberry ketones trigger an increased production of adiponectin, a protein that helps boost metabolism and discourages fat storage. The phytonutrients found in raspberry ketones induce a form of thermogenesis in animal cells, increasing energy metabolism in certain fat cells and reducing the risk of developing fatty liver. Raspberry ketones have been said to decrease the level of a pancreatic enzyme called lipase, which mice studies suggest restricts the body’s rate of fat absorption.

Antioxidant Properties

The numerous phytonutrients found in raspberries, including catechins, resveratrol and raspberry ketones, contain powerful antioxidant properties. Raspberries have more diverse antioxidant properties than most other fruits. Antioxidants help decrease inflammation, reducing the risk of chronic diseases like hypertension and obesity. Research suggests antioxidants may have the ability to disrupt the formation of cancer cells while encouraging existing cancer cells to die.

Regulate Blood Sugar

Raspberry ketones work in conjunction with another natural compound found in raspberries called tiliroside to help regulate blood sugar levels. The protein adinopectin does not function at optimum levels in obese people with Type 2 Diabetes, making it difficult to control blood sugar and blood fat at healthy levels. Both raspberry ketones and tiliroside can potentially help regulate adinopectin levels, supporting the proper balance of insulin and blood sugar.


Before taking any diet supplement, talk to your doctor about potential health risks. The scientific evidence supporting raspberry ketones’ fat-burning and weight loss claims is mainly confined to laboratory mice experiments, so the effects on human subjects are unknown. Natural supplements can cause dangerous interactions with prescription medications, so confirm with your pharmacist that raspberry ketones are safe for you to take with your current medications (and, again, always consult with your doctor before taking any supplements). Also, note that exercise and a healthy diet are necessary to boost any fat-burning potential that raspberry ketones may offer.

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