Keto Diet Desserts!

Giving up high carbs, starches, processed foods and sugar to get into ketosis no longer has to mean no dessert—if you know what to have…

But before we dig into delectable keto-friendly desserts, let’s briefly touch on how the keto diet works and why most desserts will kick you right out of ketosis.

How your body can burn fat for fuel.

Your body could burn sugar for energy and fuel, but excess amounts get stored as fat. So, if you eat typical sugar-laden desserts, your body won’t move on to burning fat for fuel. Why?

First your body burns sugar (the easy route) and then, once the sugar reserves are depleted, it will then move on to using fat (the goal.) So, how do you get your body to default to using fat for fuel? You starve it of sugar and excess carbs.

So if you’re drinking delicious ice-blended, caramel drizzled, whipped cream topped coffee drinks on the daily, the sugar overload keeps you far from ketosis.

Are there keto desserts and coffee drinks?

The great news is you don’t need to nix dessert and delectable coffee concoctions completely—you just need a keto-friendly dessert-flavored protein coffee shake to drink, bake with as a base, or freeze into ice cream!

And that’s exactly what our Maine Roast Protein Coffee is.

Just imagine, rich chocolate coffee brownies, sweet salted caramel macchiatos, coffee ice cream, and more – with 100% taste – and just 1 gram of sugar.

Keto Protein Shakes

But you can’t just use any protein shake that claims to be keto-friendly because keto happens to be a new buzzword. If you want real results, you need to know what to look for in a protein shake to use for dessert on a keto diet. 

What to look for in your keto-friendly, dessert-like protein shake.

1 Gram of Sugar or Less

Many so-called diet shakes or keto-friendly shakes contain sugar, but sugar is one of the key things to avoid when doing a keto diet. But our Maine Roast Protein Coffee only has 1 gram of sugar and 0 added sugar!

Under 10 Grams of Carbs. Plus, Net Carbs Explained

A keto diet is generally made up of about 70 percent fat 20 percent protein, and 10 percent carbohydrates. Many people on a keto diet count “net carbs,” which is the total carbs minus fiber. Fiber isn’t counted in the carbohydrate total, because it’s not digested. Maine Roast Protein Coffee has just 4 grams of carbs which is only 1% of the daily recommended total!

Packed with Protein

Try to look for a shake with over 12 grams of protein in each serving to help keep you full and build muscle. Maine Roast Protein Coffee has whopping 15 grams of protein in each serving at just 80-90 calories!

How to make doing the Keto Diet WAY easier…

If you think about it, counting carbs and net carbs and proteins and sugars, figuring out what you can have and can’t have, shopping for, and preparing keto-friendly meals can get pretty cumbersome. So if you enjoy the keto-friendly Maine Roast Protein Coffee described here, it takes ALL the guesswork out and lets you have dessert every day while burning excess fat!

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