Lauren Rae: Do-Anywhere Glute Workout

Check out this Fit in Six Legs and Booty workout with Lauren Rae you can do anywhere! It only takes about 20 minutes total, depending on your rests in between each set. Don’t miss your warm up and feel free to add an extra workout afterwards (walking, running, stair master, etc.) to get an even better workout in to your schedule.

  1. Hip swings with squats
  2. Leg swings (front-to-back and side-to-side)
  3. Pop squats
Fit in Six Workout (you can do anywhere!)

Complete each of these six exercises by completing four sets of 25.

  1. Wide-Stance Squats
  2. Reverse Lunges
  3. Step Ups with a box. You can also use your stairs, a bench, chair, just something sturdy enough to hold you as you step up.
  4. Kickups
  5. Pilates Clams
  6. Scissor Squat Jumps

Lauren Rae
Dallas Fitness and Nutrition Coach

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