Maggi: Ninja and Spartan Packing

Getting ready for big competitions can be taxing, but adding in filming for a major network brings a completely different element.

Ninja Warrior is typically three days of filming and Spartan is a week of filming. By the end, an average day on set can last between 10 to 18 hours and regardless of location, weather can fluctuate and food provided is minimal.

Big competitions like this require proper fuel and snacks to keep you charged for hours on end, so when I recently headed out for American Ninja Warrior in Daytona and Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge, my essentials included the following:

BCAAs keep me fueled during my workout and competition. I drink Annex immediately post-workout. RX4 is used daily to keep my muscles recovering and I drink an NX6 Shot right before competing. Because the time between shoots doesn’t allow for a full meal, I opt for Charge On bars to keep me fueled and stay on my A game.

Weather is always a toss up, but I’ve found it’s important to keep my muscles warm in any condition for maximum performance,  especially with such risk of injury on tricky obstacles.

Fun fact: My favorite item to pack are my Southpark pajama pants that I’ve had since college!

Keep Fueled. Train Hard and Charge On!
Maggi Thorne

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