Matthew Gains Muscle and Confidence

Prior to six weeks ago, I had never really worked out before–and I could tell. I was feeling very out of shape and just not healthy.


I started hitting the gym about 6 days a week. Unfortunately, I was not seeing too many results. So, I stopped by the Complete Nutrition – Pine Lake store in Lincoln, Nebraska to ask a few questions. Their staff was just amazing. I was helped by Josh, Grant, and Luke on different occasions. They actually listened to what I wanted and helped me pick out a plan tailored to what MY wants were. I expected to get a bunch of product pushed on me, but that wasn’t the case at all. They wanted to help me with my goals. I have fallen in love with Complete Nutrition–from the products to the awesome, knowledgeable staff.

It’s only been six weeks and my body has made quite the transition. Not only I am still at it, but now I’ve started using other CN products.

This is the results of what six weeks of hard work and Complete Nutrition have done for me. You guys rock!

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