Perfecting Your Eating Schedule

A popular question in the nutrition industry: How frequently should I eat?

We all know the great debate between eating “Three regular meals” vs “Six small meals”. I’m going to break down the reason why the latter is more recommended.

It is encouraged to eat five to seven small meals per day, but you may be thinking, how will eating more meals not increase my weight? Assuming you follow the appropriate guidelines and calorie/macro consumption per meal, eating little but often is a great way to boost your metabolism. When eating frequent, smaller meals, the body becomes conditioned to breaking down food more regularly. Alternatively, having few large meals per day will cause the body to hold food longer since it doesn’t know when the next meal will arrive. This will lead to unwanted fat storage, which we all try to avoid.

I prefer to eat 7-8 times per day with heavier meals (such as white rice or potatoes) during the earlier parts of the day and lighter meals (like salads and fish) later in the day. For many people, there are a variety of excuses as to why we can’t eat more frequently than we should and “time” is typically the number one excuse. With proper planning, you can tackle that problem. Below are a couple ways to help manage this issue:

  1. Prepare your meals either weekly or the night before. This way all you have to do is consume what you’ve prepared.
  2. Eat Charge On bars as they are great snacks to enjoy in between meals. They taste amazing and are a great option to ensure you are getting the ideal macros and calorie count.


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