Reach for this instead of an energy drink

Everyone knows what that 2:30 feeling is. We’ve all needed a post-lunch nap at some point or another. Felt the tiredness creep in after a bad night’s sleep. Even needed a pick-me-up after a caffeine crash from a morning cup of joe. Reaching for a sugary soda or energy drink may be the easiest option, especially if those drinks are available in the office fridge. But, it’s not the best option for your body or for your focus levels.

  • Avoid the caffeine crash
  • Avoid sugary sodas and energy drinks
  • Reach for natural energy


Energy for your Body

Sugar does wake you up because it gives your body some energy to burn. It’s just not the energy your body wants to burn; especially the artificial sugar in a lot of those energy drinks and sodas. It’ll give you a little bump of energy, but then cause you to crash, hard, once your body burns all of the sugar. Leaving you even more tired than before and full of empty calories that aren’t going to help your body.

Instead, reaching for natural caffeine options is a much better option.

  • Yerba Mate Leaf
  • Guarana Seed
  • Green Leaf Extracts

That’s where a product like Prime Drive comes in.*

Prime Drive

It’s delicious, it gives you the same amount of caffeine as about two cups of coffee and it can even help you lose weight. The natural ingredients give your metabolism a kick start and help you stay awake while also helping you burn extra fat. Green Leaf Extract, Guarana Seed and Yerba Mate Leaf are all powerful South American ingredients that are proven to help with faster weight loss.*

Prime Drive not only offers zero sugar, but it’s only 5 calories. Again, setting it apart from the empty calories and sugar soda and energy drinks offer. That’s why Prime Drive from Complete Nutrition is the perfect option to reach for instead of pounding down unhealthy, sugary drinks to stay awake.*


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