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I played varsity football as an offensive tackle during high school, where I needed to eat more and strength trained to keep fit. I went off to college the Fall of 2012 and started to pack on the pounds. My eating habits weren’t the best, my activity levels were much lower than they had been in high school and my energy levels were decreasing.


By August of 2014 I weighed over 330 lbs and struggled with how I felt and had no energy. My family was concerned about my overall health and wellness, too. I decided it was time to make a change. I told my parents that I wanted to lose some weight and my mom suggested we go to Complete Nutrition® and get on a plan. Later that afternoon that is exactly what we did. Based on the recommendation from Crockett I started taking Refirm® and Tone™: I immediately felt an energy boost and started experiencing some weight loss within the first couple days. It was just the kick start I needed.

I joined a health club, started exercising regularly, changed my diet and continued religiously on my Complete Nutrition® plan. I’m a firm believer that the plan I was on made a difference. It gave me energy and the resulting weight loss motivated me to keep on going. The results have been outstanding! In 11 months I’ve dropped over 120 lbs., and gone from 38.5% to 16.3% body fat. I no longer wear XXXL’s but fit into XL’s and a 34” waist pant. I’ve NEVER felt better.

My transformation took hard work, dedication and determination – but I’m better for it.


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