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See What Drove Dennis to Change His Ways

As a culinary manager at an Italian restaurant, I have constant access to some amazing foods, but they also happen to be all the fattening, high calorie, stick-to-your-midsection kinds. I would work 60 hours a week and then consume way too much alcohol and grub at the bar until all hours. So, between the two things, it is no wonder that I quit taking care of my body. I joked that I treated my body like an amusement park.


But then I got serious. I thought, “I am 33 years old, the largest I have ever been, and I feel like crap. Something has to give, something has to change.” I had a lot to change, both physically and spiritually. I started walking the walk with Chris and started hitting the gym. I also stopped drinking and staying out until all hours and started spending more time in church. So that was one change but I knew that wasn’t change enough. I was still just barely wading in the water. That’s when I decided to get completely serious about both and that’s when I went and knocked on the door of Complete Nutrition. After all, if you are going to do things right, you should start with the best.

I wanted to be able to work out hard, see great results, and take things that were safe, efficient, and effective. The success coach at the store recommended Buzzerk, Rezzerect, and a whey protein. Almost immediately, I began seeing results. I was able to work out harder and longer than ever and I was beginning to feel good about myself again.

As I have continued on this workout regime—using Buzzerk before my workout and Rezzerect afterwards! I feel better than ever. It is amazing how when you get serious and start doing things right, how easily the body changes! I am grateful that Complete Nutrition was there when the time was right.

Thanks for having the best so I can look and feel my best,

Dennis Wilkie

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