Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge: Fuel Prep Edition by Maggi Thorne

We arrived a few days early to Atlanta, but fuel and nutrition prep on set started weeks before. Food wise I had already cut out dairy, reduced bread intake, increased vegetable intake, and loaded up on greens like kale & spinach.  The main sources of protein came from meats including salmon, chicken, and steak.  Our breakfasts typically included plain oatmeal to start then some eggs a couple hours later with half an avocado! Throughout the day, I took NX6 as a pre-workout and BCAA’s to keep up with  my training regimen. 

After workouts, I always filled a shaker with Annex protein powder and water to help my muscles recover. The days leading up to our first race, my diet and fueling remained the same. I stayed basic and focused on whole foods with my go to Complete Nutrition products. We filmed overnight which can throw off your body schedule. Thanks to our nutrition schedule paired with hydration and rest, we were able to handle the unusual hours with ease.

24 hours before filming:
  • Dinner the night before: Salmon, roasted vegetables, potatoes
  • Post Dinner: RX4
  • Snack: Charge On Bar/Annex
  • Bed Time: 4am
  • Wake Up: 1:00pm
  • Breakfast/Lunch: Eggs, vegetables, and one half dry whole wheat toast
  • 5 Hours to Race: Kale/Spinach Salad with no dressing or cheese. A whole avocado and grilled chicken
  • 3 Hours to Race: Charge On Bar, banana, peanut butter
  • 1.5 Hours: ½ Apple and BCAA
  • 30 Minute before during warm-up: BCAA
  • 15 min Before: NX6
  • Post Race: Annex, 1 serving chicken, ½ plate vegetables

I felt charged up during the race, and as you’ve now seen, it was awesome! 

Find your fuel with Complete Nutrition and Charge On!

Here’s Maggi Thorne’s Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge episode from last week (aired June 19):

Here’s a short clip of just her team:

Don’t forget to watch Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge on Monday’s at 10/9c on NBC.

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