Product image 15.6 lb Tub / Vanilla Cake
Product image 25.6 lb Tub / Brownie Batter
Product image 3Elite Gold Annex Mass Protein Powder
Product image 4Elite Gold Annex Mass Protein Powder

Elite Gold Annex Mass Protein Powder

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Product image 15.6 lb Tub / Vanilla Cake
Product image 25.6 lb Tub / Brownie Batter
Product image 3Elite Gold Annex Mass Protein Powder
Product image 4Elite Gold Annex Mass Protein Powder

Elite Gold® Annex Mass™ is a mass gainer designed for people who want real calories! Our clean carb blend includes: oat bran, sweet potatoes, and quinoa. These carbs are an excellent source of fiber to aid in digestion, and replenish carbohydrate stores after an intense training session. Our healthy fats blend delivers the necessary nutrients your body needs to aid in digestion, metabolism, and overall health. Last but not least, the multi-blend protein sources complete this gainer by providing your body with fast, intermediate, and slow digesting proteins. ANNEX MASS™ replenishes your body with real food and clean calories allowing you to increase muscle size. Real food, real gains!

  • Clean, high protein lean mass gainer
  • Multi-phase whole food and healthy fat complexes
  • Packed with quality calories
  • Supports maximum gains in size and strength
  • Promotes faster muscle recovery

Gaining size can be challenging for any bodybuilder, athlete, or fitness enthusiast, especially if you have a fast metabolism or find it difficult to consume enough calories and protein throughout the day, every day. To push past size barriers, you need a serious influx of quick and easy to consume calories. But it takes more than just a surplus of calories to gain muscle mass; the only (and right) way to do that is with large amounts of dense, quality macronutrients, in the right ratios. What you need is a lean mass gainer, not just a “fat gainer” chock-full of cheap protein and sugar.

Elite Gold® Annex Mass™ was scientifically formulated to fuel massive lean gains—fast!* This advanced all-in-one mass gainer formula takes the guesswork out of calorie intake for anyone looking to put on lean muscle. Using a multi-blend of premium proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, Annex Mass provides real foods and clean calories for real results!* Whether you’re a hard gainer or just want to put on more size, this advanced formula supports serious mass—without the unwanted body fat typical mass gainers on the market leave you with.*

Quality gains starts with quality protein. Annex Mass contains four high-quality proteins—whey protein concentrate (WPC), whey protein isolate (WPI), milk protein isolate (MPI), and micellar casein—for superior muscle building results.* Whey protein rapidly delivers all the essential amino acids required for muscle growth. Milk protein isolate, a medium-digesting protein, also increases protein synthesis but at a slower rate than whey protein. Micellar casein, a slow digesting protein, releases amino acids into the bloodstream over a prolonged period (up to 7 hours), making it the ideal choice to protect against muscle protein breakdown (catabolism).

Studies have shown that whey protein contains the highest concentration of branched chain amino acids and leucine, and has the greatest short-term impact on muscle protein synthesis compared to other proteins.* However, research has also shown that combining fast-, medium-, and slow-digesting proteins increases muscle protein synthesis longer and leads to higher net protein balance than whey protein alone.* Since protein synthesis leads to muscle growth, elevating muscle protein synthesis for longer can have a significant impact on your overall gains.* Annex Mass contains a precise blend of combining fast-, medium-, and slow-digesting proteins for a superior amino acid profile ensuring maximum impact.*

Each scoop of Annex Mass also contains digestive enzymes, allowing your body to more easily absorb the protein and amino acids and help decrease stomach discomfort. *

High impact calories to help you achieve just that. Annex Mass’ ultraclean formula provides multi-phase carbohydrate and healthy fats complexes to better fuel your body for the gym and encourage lean mass gains.* The whole foods blend includes high-quality, easy-to-digest oat bran, sweet potatoes, flaxseed, quinoa, and chia seed, providing a rich source of fiber as well as clean carbs to help your strength and replenish glycogen stores after an intense training session.* The blend of healthy fats—sunflower and MCT oils—inject the formula with a potent dose of omega fatty acids and antioxidants, delivering the necessary nutrients your body needs to boost metabolism and promote overall health.* No other mass gainer on the market provides the same ratio of cleaner macronutrients for better performance and maximum muscle growth as Annex Mass does!*


  • Whey Protein Concentrate: Fast releasing small proteins.*
  • Milk Protein Concentrate: Intermediate releasing proteins derived from whole proteins from milk.*
  • Casein Protein: Slow releasing, large protein complexes.*
  • Oat Bran: Provides your body with the fast digesting carbohydrates to assist in replacement of depleted energy.*
  • Sweet Potato Powder: Delivers slower digesting carbohydrates, vitamins, and antioxidants to replace what you have used.*
  • Quinoa Powder: Carbohydrate source that is rich in vitamin A and also an excellent source of energy.*
  • MCT Oil, Chia Seed, Flaxseed, & Sunflower oil: Excellent source of healthy fats like omega 3 fatty acids, and an excellent source of antioxidants.*

Warning: Results may vary. Check with your physician before beginning a supplement program. Products may contain ingredients known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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