A Broken Foot Didn't Stop Joshua

I was always the fat guy growing up. Even though I played sports, I was terribly out of shape. In high school, I was an offensive lineman but I only got playing time because the roster was so thin at my position. A few years after high school, while walking around weighing almost 270 lbs, I decided to get serious about my health, and told myself I was going to lose the fat. At first it went great, and I began to see some pounds come off at a steady pace. Then I broke my foot playing basketball. Diagnosed with a Jones Fracture, I was laid up for almost 8 months, and had to get surgery. Post-surgery, I was terribly out of shape and put on most of the weight I had lost, but I was now more motivated than ever to get back to my newfound lifestyle.


After hearing about a friend’s success with Complete Nutrition products, I went to the Complete Nutrition, where I was very impressed with how knowledgeable the staff was, and I was introduced to the Shred Stack. Over the course of about 3 months with a high level of fitness, clean diet, and the supplements from Complete Nutrition I was able to transform my body. I now weigh 195 lbs, and couldn’t be happier with my physique. It wasn’t easy, but it was definitely worth it. I can honestly say it was best investment I’ve ever made. My favorite products at Complete are the Shred Stack, and DR1. Complete Nutrition is now a huge part of my life. My girlfriend is now using CTS Max and has lost over 30 lbs! We both love Complete Nutrition products, and we both plan to continue with our fitness journeys and new lifestyle.

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