Build Strong Legs: Workout Routine

CN Crew member, Elizabeth, shares one of her leg workout routines to build stronger glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. Check it out and try it for yourself with your own weights!

Leg Workout Routine

1. Leg Extensions 4 x 20

Pick a weight you can lift consistently. Try 75 pounds if you’re used to lifting moderate to heavy weights.
Take a 20 sec pause, but superset, each set, with bodyweight walking lunges 10 down, 10 back.

2. Straight Leg Deadlifts 4 x 15

You can use dumbbells or the barbell, depending on your comfort and fitness level. Elizabeth prefers the barbell with a plate on each side. Do what works for you!

3. Wide Stance Hack Squats 4×15
4. Calf Raises on leg press 4×25
5. Leg extension burnout 100 Reps

It doesn’t matter how many sets it takes you to get to 100, just get there. Choose a lighter weight than from your extensions at the beginning.

6. Seated Leg Curl burnout 100 reps

Same as the leg extension burnout; however many sets it takes to get there or one if you wish!


Elizabeth Baumgardt
CN Crew

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