Importance of Hydration

Why Hydration Is Life

We are told at a young age, “Drink lots of water.” “It’s good for you,” says everybody. Did anybody sit you down to explain why you should be drinking a certain amount of water daily? Proper hydration affects many part of your body and overall healthy living. The multiple benefits of drinking enough water daily include some of the most basic to keep your body functioning all the way to aesthetic perks.

As a professional track and field athlete, my main reason for drinking water (aside from life) is to prevent muscle cramps, increase energy, and prevent fatigue. Additional benefits of drinking water include:

Promotes Weight Loss

Water helps you feel fuller, longer so it helps prevent overeating. Drinking at least a cup of water before a meal will help reduce hunger as well as raise your metabolism. Plus it has zero calories!

Flushes Out Toxins

Water helps flush the nasty toxins we intake throughout the day.

Improves Skin Complexion

Drinking water adds moisture, keeping your skin fresh, soft, smooth, and glowing. It’s the best anti-aging treatment!

Maintains Bowel Regularity

Water aids in proper digestion; it’s essential to digest your food and prevent constipation.

Boosts Immune System

Drinking plenty of water helps prevent the flu and other sicknesses by flushing out those toxins.

Natural Headache Remedy

Water helps to relieve and prevent headaches (migraines & back pains too!) which are commonly caused by dehydration.

Prevents Cramps & Sprains

Water helps to keep joints lubricated and muscles more elastic so joint pain and cramping is less likely.

Puts Us In A Good Mood

When our bodies function at its best, it’s a great mental boost!

So if you were unsure why we should be drinking water daily, these are just a few reasons. The Complete Nutrition water jug is great to drink water throughout the day without having to constantly refill. Stop by your local Complete Nutrition and grab one today.

Dominique Blake
Olympic Medalist: Track & Field

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