Chest and Back Combination Workout

CN Crew member, Elizabeth, had already trained chest early on in the week and back the next day. She planned to have a second chest workout later in the week, and decided to train a second back day in the same routine. She typically trains 5-7 days per week. Check out and try her chest and back routine:

Chest and Back Combo Routine

4 sets of 15 reps for each exercise below
  1. Seated Wide-Grip Cable Row
  2. Superset with Dumbbell Floor Press
  3. Pec Deck Flyes
  4. Lat Pull-Downs
  5. Superset with Incline Chest Press Machine
  6. Pec Deck Flyes (drop one plate/weight from the previous set)
  7. High Row Machine
  8. Superset with Decline Chest Press Machine (4 sets of 10)
  9. Pec Deck Flyes (drop weight one more time – trust me, you’ll thank me!)

“Back was pumped and chest was done! Thankfully my workout was fueled by Elite Gold Pre-X7 which I am loving; it gets me through my lifts with a steady/consistent energy! Then I treated myself, of course, to a protein smoothie post workout at Complete Nutrition in Greenwood!”


Elizabeth Baumgardt
CN Crew

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