Foods Packed with Energy on a Low-Carb Diet

A variety of foods provide an energy boost while remaining low in carbs. To keep your energy level at full speed, enjoy a diverse diet with low-fat proteins and dairy, a moderate amount of nuts and seeds, and select fruits and vegetables. Limit your sugar and caffeine intake, because they can cause your energy levels to spike and crash.


Protein is a good source of tyrosine, an amino acid that, in conjunction with adrenaline, fights energy-sapping stress. An additional benefit is that protein sources satiate the appetite better than fats and carbs. For a sustained energy boost, spread your protein consumption throughout the day. Include healthy proteins at each meal like eggs, fish, lentils and tofu, and at snack time, try peanut butter or a glass of soy milk.


For dairy lovers on a low-carb diet, the key to maximizing energy is to select high-protein but lower-fat options such as cottage cheese and yogurt. Try a scoop of cottage cheese on a bed of spinach topped with berries or pumpkin seeds for a nutritious lunch that won’t have you needing a nap by mid-afternoon. Yogurt mixed with almonds or flaxseed is a smart snack that’ll keep you satisfied until mealtime.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts are an ideal high-protein snack that’s satisfying and offers a nutritional lift to get you through your busy day. Nuts and seeds are packed with fiber, which keeps your digestive system from getting sluggish. Nuts give your brain a power boost as well. Peanuts and pecans contain choline, which helps your brain operate on all cylinders. Sunflower seeds give the brain an energy boost due to their high levels of thiamine. And flaxseeds can help regulate your blood sugar following a meal, keeping your energy levels stable. Nuts are high in calories and fat, so consume in moderation.

Fruits and Vegetables

When creating a high-energy, low-carb diet plan, focus on vegetables and some fruits. Most vegetables are low in carbs and can be enjoyed in hearty amounts. Avoid potatoes, carrots and beets as they are high in carbs. Olives make a tasty snack, big on flavor but low in fat and carbs. Fruits tend to be higher in carbs, so choose carefully. Focus on low-sugar fruits that boast high antioxidant levels, such as grapefruit, raspberries and blueberries. Avocados are rich-tasting and versatile, as they can be used to make guacamole dip as well as in smoothies.

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