Listen to Your Body: Self Discipline + Self Love

I’ve heard it said that progress is addictive… and they’re right. When you have a consistent health and fitness routine, it’s hard to stop. Your body craves endorphins. Your mind gravitates toward clean, protein-packed ingredients. Your confidence grows as your waistline shrinks. It’s an amazing experience – one I know personally. As I lost 100 pounds and continue to pursue new fitness goals (currently preparing for my first half marathon), the health-high is indescribable. When my self-discipline is on point, the compliments tend to increase, and even if they don’t, I know I’m doing right by my body. I become my own motivation and can’t stop. That is, until the hustle becomes my biggest hurdle.

That’s where listening to my body and self love comes into play. If you find yourself resenting your workouts, dreading healthy meals, and generally losing sight of your goals, it’s time to reassess how your actions are either helping you or hurting you. Here are a few questions to know if your balance is off:

How’s your sleep?

Sure, you love to rise and grind. But, are you compromising the hours your muscles and mind need to get the most out of your workout? Once in a while, you can get by and carry on with your routine on less ZZ’s, but trust me, the stress you’re putting on your body will catch up.

What is your water intake?

Even if you feel like you’re drinking enough water, are you counteracting it’s benefits with dehydrating drinks? While coffee, energy drinks and alcohol can all implemented into a balanced lifestyle, remember to compensate with extra water and some coconut water to keep your cells hydrated.

When’s your rest day?

Like I said, progress is addicting. So much so that you don’t want to stop. You love going to the gym, hitting the trail, and sweating your stress away. It’s a beautiful thing to truly enjoy working out. It’s an even more beautiful thing when you can listen and offer the necessary rest your body, mind and soul were made to have.

Healthy living is all about balance. Fitness is something to be proud of, but rest and an occasional treat are nothing to be ashamed of. Strive for self-discipline, but thrive by adding self love. It’s what your body is telling you. It’s time to listen.

Jenae Haman
CN Crew

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