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Gerardo Gonzalez Jr. Transformation

Hello, my name is Gerardo Gonzalez Jr. or Jerry for short.

A quick background of my career: I’m a Firefighter and a Paramedic for the Fire Department of Brownsville, TX. My story starts with me weighing in at 206.6 lbs and having 35.6% body fat. The reason why I’m telling you my weight and body fat is so that you can have a mental image of how I looked at 5’8″ and being only 24 years old. I was supposed to be the person that people call when they are in trouble and the last thing they want to see is a firefighter/paramedic being out of shape and fat. I was feeling lethargic, depressed, was starting to get high blood pressure and worst of all, I didn’t look good.


On January 23, 2014, my friend Reyner pushed me to go back to the gym and to try the supplements from Complete Nutrition® . I’ve never been much of a supplements type of person and I immediately thought that they didn’t really work, that they were basically useless. Yet my friend told me to try them and took me to Complete Nutrition®  at Brownsville. Victor, an employee at Complete Nutrition®  started helping me out on my journey. He recommended some supplements that were a stack called Rip Stack and I immediately lost 15 lbs of fat. Of course I ate lean healthy foods and worked out every day I had off, which was about four days minimum a week. I was very impressed with the results that I went back and met Amber, who told me to try Winalean and/or Alpha Cuts. I decided to try Winalean for two cycles which is about two months and got even more impressive results! I literally burned about 20 lbs of fat in two months. I proceeded to tell Amber that I wanted more results and I tried Alpha Cuts for one cycle and lost another 10 lbs. I was weighing around 166 lbs in May. It was amazing and it gave me more motivation! I finally decided to use Alpha Mass, a pro hormone that Amber and Victor recommended, to build some muscle and now in June, I’m at 174 lbs and have 16.5% body fat. I managed to build about 10 lbs of muscle and my body looked different in a good way.

I had some friends say I was building a body only super heroes have! Now I’m full of energy, my mood has improved, my blood pressure has gone down, people who I help at my job say I look like I’m in good shape, children say they want to grow up to be like me and more importantly I’m way more active in my job.

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