Tim Hoyt Transformation Through Nutrition

I wanted to take the time to thank all the people that have helped me get to my goals. I started my weight loss journey in February of 2013 at 205 lbs. I weighed in at 169 lbs and with a lot more muscle. Thanks to everyone that has helped me and push me to get to where I am. Thank you to Mad Fitness SB and DH Fitness & Wellness for getting me strong! Thanks you Will Nelson and Complete Nutrition® for getting my nutrition right! And thank you to my girlfriend Alexis Rister for putting up with it all!

Tim Hoyt Transformation

Additional Information from Tim’s Complete Nutrition Consultants:

Along with the numbers up there, there’s some other amazing stuff to know about Tim. When he started with us in February, he was on high blood pressure medication, struggling to make it through his hockey games (a sport he is an absolute die-hard for), and was suffering from severe knee/hip pain that was effecting his work and leisure. We started him with the original ReFirm and eventually progressed him to the Shred Stack program which is where the bulk of his success came. Adding in 3-Test-OXO and Uptake to his hockey games made a rapid improvement in his endurance, energy and recovery. Additionally, we started him on Joint Pure and he immediately started seeing improvement in those knees and now is pain free (with the help of one of our partners for corrective exercise).

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