Jason Got on Track, See His Transformation

I started out a year ago weighing almost 240 lbs. Over the past year I have learned a lot about nutrition. I started doing p90x and quickly realized I needed something to support my new workouts. My body couldn’t sustain that level of activity without proper supplement support. I also had to ease into the p90x program. A few months later, I was finally able to do most of the DVDs and had realized what all of these supplements were about.

My boss is a big supporter of Complete Nutrition products and recommended them to me, and I am so glad he did! I didn’t realize the poor quality of the supplements I had been taking, and since I got set up with proper supplementation from Complete Nutrition, my life has really changed. Since starting Complete Nutrition supplements, I have completed a full round of p90x and am about 8 weeks into the second one. The products are unreal: never have I felt so good, and been able to expend so much energy on a daily basis continually, without hitting a plateau!

Jason Transformation

Again, 1 year ago I started out at almost 240 pounds, and since adding CN products and proper exercise I am down to a lean 167 pounds, a 30-32 inch waistline, and I’m all lean muscle! The after image is post p90x and pre p90x2, so it is about 8 weeks old, I would like to wait until I complete the p90x2 program before taking any more result photos because every day my body is gaining muscle. Currently and looking and feeling stronger than ever and plan on adding the ShredSTACK next!

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