Maggi: Road Trips and Training

Recently my kids and I headed to Colorado for a Ninja Warrior Event at Warrior Playground. Road trips can be the first thing to get you off track from a steady, healthy diet with little options besides fast food along the drive. Before hitting the road for eight hours, we stopped into Complete Nutrition for some items that kept me strong all drive long!

  1. The new ICON Meals Protein Popcorn (YES!) is amaze. ICON Meals Peanut Butter Vanilla is delicious, but don’t miss out on the other flavors too!
  2. Maine Roast Protein Coffee: Why stop at a coffee drive-thru when you can keep your shaker bottle in tow for a delicious refreshing coffee that keeps you powered to the max with 21 grams of protein and only 110 Calories.
  3. When my sweet craving hits, Lenny & Larry’s Brownie is a perfect road trip companion to avoid stopping for ice cream or grabbing a gas station sugar filled snack.
  4. Once we arrived and hit the trails, a Lenny & Larry’s Cookie was my mountain top snack of choice (I’m a Peanut Butter fan myself).
  5. What road trip is complete without jerky? More specifically OSTRIM Jerky, high protein, low fat and plenty of flavor.

As usual when I’m active, I always keep my BCAA‘s close by to stay fueled for events. Oh and I can’t forget about the Charge On Protein Bar, Dark Chocolate Cherry!

On road trips, make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water. We also get out of the car and stretch every two hours. It’s more fun if you can find fun places to explore too! We are big adventure-seekers with no dull moments. Always remember: stay fueled, stay fit, stay active and stay charged with Complete Nutrition!

Reach new heights with Complete Nutrition.

Charge On!
Maggi Thorne
American Ninja Warrior
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