Mandy Brown Reaches a New Personal Best

I remember back when I was 29, being told just wait until you hit 30, your body goes downhill from there. I didn’t want to be that girl, but 30 was starting to head more and more that direction. I don’t have a story of being obese or heavily overweight. But was I healthy? I had always put my husband and kids first, never thinking of doing something for myself, I may have been suffering some depression, I wasn’t happy with my body, and alcohol was a big part of my life. January 2014 I had enough, started an at-home workout program and started eating healthier. Along the way I am so lucky to have met amazing motivating people who kept me going. I have fallen in love with fitness and diet. Now I am 32 and in the BEST shape of my life.


I began going to Complete Nutrition®, which my kids call “Mommies Vitamin Store.” In the mornings, I like to use the Multipure™ Mixed Berry, it is a yummy additive to my smoothies, for example (V-Core™ Vanilla protein with blueberries, banana, spinach, and almond-milk.) I use Tone™ by Tonalin.  Also keep some Prime Drive® around when I need a pick me up to workout. I use Chocolate flavor V-Core™ for my homemade protein bars. Most important thing I have learned in the last year or so was how my body works, what it needs.

The scale in the store is wonderful. I love seeing my improvements, it pushes me to keep going. I live 30 minutes from the store so when I make it in, I will treat myself to yummy Quest Bars, Muscle Egg, or PB2 Pancake mix.

I want to be a role model for other women like me with a full time job, kids, no gym, that they CAN do it. I am at a place I never would have imagined, just took disciple and getting some knowledge. I wake up early before kids get up to get a workout in and do a small one on my lunch break. You think that sounds insane, but I love it. It makes me stronger, have self confidence, increases my stamina to play with my children, and that I do just for ME everyday.

Since my 31 year old wake up call I have completed my first 10K, then half-marathon.  Just recently I prepped and competed for my first NPC show. I added the Winalean Fat Burner and Prime Abs. These seemed to work GREAT! Setting these goals and accomplishing them has changed my life. My kids cheering for me to cross the finish line, wanting to train and eat healthy like mom, the glow in there eyes when I competed is the biggest reward.

The show I did was simply amazing. I placed 7th in my bikini class, which I felt like a winner just getting on stage! Hopefully I will be able to compete more, I loved it and hope to improve. The pictures in honor of my hard work will be treasured forever.

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