Motivational Myths

It’s only natural to notice your enthusiasm and motivation waiver with time.  However, if you find your self-talk is giving you more reasons to stop than go the course, it may be time to re-evaluate and implement a fresh perspective.

Myth: “The scale won’t budge!  This is a waste of my time and effort.”

Truth:  Weight loss takes time and consistency.  There are multiple factors to consider to ensure you are set up for success.  If the scale won’t budge, tracking your diet and workouts will help provide valuable insight to determine whether you are actually adhering to your plan, and whether that plan may need adjusting.  Tracking will also allow you to gradually increase intensity and allow you to attribute those changes to your results!  Keep in mind if you are experiencing a plateau, it’s a normal part of the process, and an ideal time to take a closer look at opportunities for ramping up your workouts, and improving your diet.  Regardless of weight loss or lack thereof, it’s equally important to remind yourself that all of your time and effort does improve your overall health.

Myth: “I’m too tired to workout.”

Truth: Mixing up your workout intensity is important for giving your body active recovery and for keeping your workouts fresh.  Make sure you have variety in the type, intensity, and duration of your workouts to stay motivated and keep flexibility for the days you may be feeling less energetic.  While there are occasions we simply need a day off to rest, other times it’s better to commit for twenty minutes and then determine then whether you can keep going.

Myth: “I can’t eat anything I enjoy!”

Truth: Feeling deprived is a sign that you need to re-think your diet.  If you find you’re bored with your staples, it’s time to put some energy into mixing it up.  Just like your workouts, your diet also needs variety.  It’s also important to remember that having occasional treats is part of a balanced diet, just plan them in and enjoy.  Remind yourself food is fuel for your body and you should feel good about nourishing your body.

Myth: “Running is too intense for me.”

Truth: Trying new forms of exercise can seem daunting, but consider giving those exercises, like running, a fresh approach.  The key is to start slowly and gradually increase over time.  For example, start with a combination of running and speed walking and over time increase the duration of the running portion.  Allow yourself some time to adjust to new forms of exercise and be proud of the fact you are approaching your workouts with a new perspective!

Myth: “I hurt my knee!  Now I can’t workout and this will set me way back!”

Truth: While some injuries can require a major alteration to your workout routine, there is always room for improvement.  Whether that means switching from high impact fitness exercises like running to lower intensity options like biking or pilates, consider getting creative with your workout.  If weight loss is your goal, remember that your nutrition makes the greatest impact on weight loss, so adhering to it is important.


Sarah Mattison Berndt, MS, RD, CD

Owner Fit Fresh Cuisine & Hybrid Athletic Club

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