Police Officer Gains Confidence and Strength

I am 23 years old and in the best shape of my life thanks to a lot of hard work, eating right, and CTS360. Shortly after turning 20, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease. My weight was drastically fluctuating, I was not eating properly, and lacked energy.

Sarahs Transformation

I was always very active growing up and played sports all my life, so I was in decent shape. In September 2009, I started the police academy, and with all the school work and physical stress involved, I was constantly tired and always getting sick. I tried the Reveal program from Complete Nutrition because a few other police officers told me good things about it. I wasn’t eating properly and did not stick with the program, so I did not see very good results.

I am still a police officer and I work midnight hours. It is very difficult to eat properly when you work these hours, so often I would not eat at all. In January 2012, I felt worse than ever about my body and decided I wanted to do something about it. I went to Complete Nutrition and talked to Cassius Hart about what would work. He suggested the CTS360 and told me I would also have to maintain a healthy diet to see results. Prior to this, I never ate breakfast. I now eat three to four healthy meals a day and have had amazing results with CTS360. I finally have abs to show off! Thank you so much Complete Nutrition, you have helped change my life!

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