Reclaiming My Greens

Olympic track and field athlete, Dominique Blake, explains the importance of dark green vegetables and an easy way to get a full serving to still reap the benefits!

“When I say that greens make the world go ’round, I believe and take that statement as my truth! Without greens, we wouldn’t be able to cleanse our digestive system the way that Mother Nature intended. Leafy greens like kale, spinach, collards, and arugula are some of my favorites to add to my main meals.

I don’t mean to get too intimate or graphic with you guys, but I notice a major difference in my energy levels when I’m able to have frequent, daily bowel movements versus the alternative–constipation. Greens make that happen! Consuming dark, leafy greens gives your body folate, helps you burn fat, fights diabetes, protects against toxins, and improves brain function. The creators of the cartoon, Popeye, were really on to something magnificent with their message to viewers (kids). Showing Popeye eating enormous amounts of spinach in every episode was a great lesson–eat your greens! Really a genius use of passive encouragement.

  • But, what if you just don’t have time for greens or don’t know how to prepare them?
  • What if consuming your greens seems like too much work?

The answer is Complete Nutrition’s Reclaim Greens. This is my go-to product for daily green consumption. I can count on this amazing product to get one full serving of vegetables and superfoods in a single scoop. Mix one single scoop in 8 ounces of water 1-2 times per day to help detoxify from processed foods. Plus it helps promote overall healthy digestion.”

This gluten and allergen-free product can be found at or at any Complete Nutrition location nationwide. Use promocode DOMINIQUE11 to save online.


Dominique Blake
Olympic Medalist: Track & Field

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