Samantha Olson Transformation

In November 2013 I was getting ready to work and just like every other day I was not pleased with what I saw in the mirror. I felt frumpy and just flat out gross! I had convinced myself I was just destined to be overweight like most of my family is. As I was throwing myself a pity party, my son came crawling around the corner and smiled up at me. Then it hit me, if I didn’t start changing my life, I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy playing with my son! So at that moment I decided to get serious about weight loss!


That night I got a Gold’s Gym membership. I did research on what workouts I should be doing and what foods to eat. The first month I lost 18 pounds just by going to the gym and eating WAY better! One day a co-workout had brought up how she used a pre-workout that she gets at Complete Nutrition®, so I decided to check it out. I was introduced to Blitzz™ and loved it! They recommended me trying Tone™, Tone™ Clinical and Tone™ Fusion to help get the vitamins I needed and boost my metabolism. It worked so well!

After losing 50 pounds I decided it was time to start toning up and gaining muscle. I asked Tabetha what would help burn fat but also help gain muscle and she recommended trying Lady Leans. I absolutely loved the results from them! She also recommended drinking Prime Drive® instead of all the coffee I was drinking. I love that it gives me all the energy I need to run after a very active toddler.

So far I’ve lost 90 pounds (then gained 5 pounds of muscle) and went from a size 20 in jeans to a size 7. I was a size 7 in 5th grade! I get excited to put on a swim suit when my son says he wants to swim, and I feel comfortable in shorts when he wants to go to the park and its 90 degrees out. This is the first summer in 6 years I’ve worn shorts or have been comfortable in a swim suit. Thanks to Complete Nutrition® I can finally be the mom I’ve always wanted to be!

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