Sometimes All You Need is a Wake Up Call

My name is Jackie Kuykendall,


I am 23 years old and a mother to an amazing 3 year old and a fiancé to a wonderful supportive man. Ever since I was a young child I had struggled with my weight. I was always uncomfortable with myself but never showed it. Eventually I was able to love myself no matter what my size was (at the time a size 18). As I became a mother, I realized the choices I make will affect my daughter. I did not want her to experience the pain of feeling of uncomfortable due to her weight. It didn’t take long for me to cut the bad habit of eating fast food 2x a day, drinking soda, or eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Only because I knew she was watching. I had tried many programs, detoxes and foods to “lose weight fast.” I had the realization that I didn’t gain the weight in six months and therefore I wasn’t going to lose it in six months either. I began to workout at least 4-5 times a week and eating only clean foods. Allowing myself one cheat day a week. That lasted about two weeks. At the time I was 246 pounds. I remember thinking to myself “this is hopeless.” I didn’t have energy, I did not like gyms or gym clothes. Everyone needs that little “boost” to get them started or feeling better.

When I first went into Complete Nutrition, I was so embarrassed. I had no clue what I was talking about or what I was looking for. Come to find out, I didn’t need to know what I came there for. I was overwhelmed with all the information about products. All I knew is I wanted protein. I was able to test Orange Creamsicle V-Core™ Vantage. I loved the taste! I received valuable information on when to take it and how much to take.

I now drink Annex™ Isolate Protein. I drink that right after my workouts. By replacing two meals a day with protein I feel less bloated, I have more energy and I recover faster from soreness. I take Blitzz™ pre-workout. It gives me more energy to complete my workouts and sweat more. For instance, while I’m running I set a goal I do not stop until I hit a certain mile marker…rather most would slow down and take their time. This gives me the energy to push harder and go faster to finish stronger and sooner.

Another product I take is Tone™. I get a lot more definition since I have been taking them. My arms are more defined in my biceps and my quads stand out a lot more.

Another of my favorites is the CTS360™ and ReFirm® Vive­. I call those my wake me ups! They get me throughout my day with the perfect amount of energy I need with no crash! I have tried a few in and out products at Complete Nutrition® but those are my must haves! I have recommended Complete Nutrition® to everyone interested in products! I have never been dissatisfied with anything I have purchased or any experiences! I am always welcomed and feel so comfortable! My favorite part is…you even get Follow Up cards!

I am now currently 210 pounds, size 11/12 and have gained more muscle than I imagined. I have competed in two powerlifting competitions benching my PR at 147 pounds and deadlifting my Pr at 297 pounds. I do not believe I could have come this far without my support system. Along with my family, Complete Nutrition® has played a huge role in my journey. I have a very long way to go to reach my long term goal. I am very blessed to have the experiences I have to complete my short term goals.

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