Kelly Schumacher Gets Moving

Around two years ago I set out on a journey to find who I truly was as a person. Since I have always been someone who’s loved being active and sports I decided to find those passions again. After high school I really struggled with my weight, reaching a point where it could, in the end, break me. With my number one supporter, my mom, we looked into gastric bypass surgery. After countless meetings and doctor visits, our insurance company denied our request. So with that, I began working out again, harder than I ever had in the past, with the hopes of losing a majority of that weight.


Beginning my journey we stopped in at Complete Nutrition® to see how they could help and with that I met a second family. Jeremy and Nate helped get me started with their CTS360™ program. Well two years later I can say I did it! I have now lost more than 150 pounds. I have not only lost an extreme amount of weight, but I also cut my body fat percentage over half, from 40% down to a healthy 16%, gone from a size 26 pants and XXL tshirt to a size 12/14 pants and L/M shirt. Best of all though, I found who I truly am as a person. It was always inside of me, it just needed an updated cover.

I can not thank my family, friends, and the staff at Complete Nutrition® enough for all of their encouragement and support throughout this journey. Working out and this new healthy life has turned into a true passion of mine. Opening countless doors for my future. Here’s to a new lifestyle and path!

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