Small changes in your diet can save you hundreds of calories that would otherwise take significant gym time to burn off. Keep yourself feeling your best with these three calorie saving tips:

1. Swap in a smoothie

A protein-rich smoothie can be a healthy and convenient meal replacement. Try blending a cup of your favorite frozen fruit with a scoop of Ignite Series™ V-Core™ protein and one cup of water or almond milk for a tasty & low-calorie meal.

2. Reconsider Dinner

Typically we don’t splurge on breakfast or lunch, dinner causes the damage. Dinner is an especially important meal to do right, because you have less time to burn off any extra calories before hitting the hay! Focus on lean protein and vegetables for dinner to avoid loading up on extra calories and fuel when you’re less active and need them the least energy.

3. Turn up the Volume!

Foods rich in water and fiber, like fresh produce and legumes, provide bulk and satiety for fewer calories making them a great way to avoid hunger and whittle your waistline. Try starting your meals with a broth-based soup or fresh salad with low fat dressing to fill you up.

Sarah Mattison Berndt, MS, RD, CD
Owner Fit Fresh Cuisine & Hybrid Athletic Club

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