Todd Gets Down to 7% Body Fat with Determination

In November 2012, I began to make changes to my diet, lifestyle, and fitness routines. When I started out, I weighed 168 lbs. I began to use a lean protein from the Complete Nutrition® store in Eastwood Plaza in East Lansing Michigan, recommended by my good friend Tyce Ruff, who happens to be a Complete Nutrition® sponsored athlete. After 10 months of positive changes in all aspects of my life, I now weigh 135.4 lbs and I am at 7% body fat, all thanks to Complete Nutrition®! If you are wondering if you can do this, you can! I never thought in a million years I would be able to see my abs, but I am loving it! The most important words in your vocabulary need to become consistency and determination. Accept where you are, make a plan, and stick with it. This is not a decision for 90 days; this is a lifestyle change that will improve every part of your life.


In November 2012, I started working out three times a week doing a basic cardio and strength interval training routine that was similar to Insanity®, and completely made over my diet. I then challenged myself to really improve all aspects of my health. Some small changes I made were taking the stairs instead of elevator and drinking 100 of water ounces per day. Tyce gave me this workout routine and a meal prep guide.

I now work out 4 times a week, doing a mix of the Spartacus workout from Men’s Health Magazine, along with running and intense strength training. I plan to bulk up to 150 lbs. while staying around 7% body fat.

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