Rest Days Done the Right Way

Rest Days Done the Right Way

For many athletes and fitness enthusiasts, taking a rest day can seem like punishment.  However, rest days are an important part of training and necessary for your body to properly recover and perform.  Rest days help prevent injury, support a strong immune system, and are generally followed by a performance boost as they allow time for both your mind and body to recharge.  Get the most out of your training with these rest day tips:

  • Schedule rest days as part of your training program so you are reminded they are part of such and are able to stay consistent.  Knowing when your rest days will take place can motivate you to work hard in your workouts and also plan fun activities for your rest day. 
  •  Consider different types of “rest” and have a variety of options.   From stretching, yoga, cross training, meditating, or doing nothing at all, allowing yourself some flexibility to pick what’s best for you will help you adhere to your schedule and fend off anxiety that can often accompany a rest day. 
  •  Remember to listen to your body.  Schedules are important, but you may find you need to add in rest time, such as in the case of overuse or injury.  Similarly, if you find yourself feeling run down, a rest day may be the difference between getting sick or staying healthy. 

Tuning in and trusting your body are important for overall health and athletic performance.  Rest days are an essential part of adapting to the stress we put on our body during training, and are integral to training smarter, not harder. 

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