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Maine Roast Healthy Recipe Series: Protein Chocolate Mousse

About the recipe Craving some chocolate but don’t wanna deal with the guilt after? Our protein chocolate mousse recipe was made to please. With just 4 healthy ingredients, this foamy yet intensel...

Establish and Maintain a Routine

Whether we like it or not, summer is nearing the end. This means getting back to a routine, whether it’s for school, jobs, or getting children ready for school again. Establishing a daily routine i...

Maine Roast Healthy Recipe Series: Oreo Protein Coffee Drink

About the recipeOreos don't have to be evil. This oh-so-smooth Protein Coffee drink is all cookies & cream while keeping calories low. Delicious & easy to make, this energizing treat will k...

How To: Fortify with Fiber

Sometimes referred to as “roughage,” fiber is the less-than-glamorous nutrient that’s necessary for a healthy digestive system. But fiber does more than just normalize your bowel movements: It also...

The Importance of Taking a Daily Multivitamin

Taking a daily multivitamin may be a habit worth forming. While it is best to consume sufficient nutrients through diet alone, supplements can help protect against disease while supporting optimal...

Maine Roast Healthy Recipe Series: Dalgona Protein Coffee

What makes this foamy beverage the It-Drink of the year? It’s super easy to make, it’s decadently yummy, and its whipped peaks are just gorgeous. We tried it with Protein Coffee to give it a protei...

Why everyone needs a collagen supplement.

Collagen comes from the Greek word “kola” which means glue, and “gen”, which means producing. It is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in bones, hair, cartilage, tendons, skin tissu...

Maine Roast Healthy Recipe Series: Wild Blueberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie

About the recipeBlueberry dreams are made of this superfood smoothie. Delicate notes of Mocha chocolate and blueberry accompany every sip. Enriched with hearty doses of protein, fiber, Omega 3s and...

Should You Opt For Vegan Protein?

Should You Opt For Vegan Protein? While most people have heard protein is important for the body, not everyone knows why. There’s also a lot of confusion about which type of protein is best. What i...

Why Am I Feeling Moody While Dieting?

Nobody likes dieting, but many people endure it for their health and vanity. You must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight, and a calorie-deficient diet can cause a few common side ef...
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