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Citrine Challengers: Final Week

It was the final week of our customers’ 21-day Citrine journey. See what their final thoughts are about Citrine and their  past 21 days. From increased energy to fighting cravings, see what they ha...

Jim Heidenreich: Final Week

As Jim wrapped up his final week of the Citrine 21 Day Challenge, he’s amped up and ready to begin his second 21 Day Challenge! Stay tuned to watch him dominate his goals of running a marathon and ...

Will's 4 month transformation

My entire life I had always been known as “the chubby kid.” Because of this, high school wasn’t the easiest for me. Then, I began weightlifting for a class at school and enjoyed it a lot. Soon, I w...

Changes Can Be Made When You Set Goals

I was 24, had recently gotten married and bought a business. I had slimmed down for my wedding but with the stress of running my own business and constantly eating on the go (i.e. fast food). I fo...

A New Year, A New You

Often we think of New Year’s resolutions as synonymous with failure. A recent study found that although 75% of people stick with their resolutions for at least one week, less than half are still wo...

Meet the CN Crew

Meet the Complete Nutrition Crew The CN Crew is a group of fitness enthusiasts with different hobbies, interests, and lifestyles, but with one common factor: inspiring others to live a healthier li...

20 Minute Total-Body Cardio Routine

Looking for a quick, total-body workout? Complete these exercises a total of two times. If you have more time, challenge yourself and complete these in 4 rounds with minimal rests in between each r...

Toughen Up to Tone Up

When it comes to physical fitness, there will be days hitting the gym or staying the course proves to be challenging.  It’s these times when the going gets tough, the tough get going!  So what make...

Common Diet & Nutrition Myths

Dieting is no picnic, and the confusion caused by conflicting information from various sources can make it extremely frustrating. With so many supposed experts, popular diets, weight loss pills an...

See What Motivated Conner to Change Her Life

Conner found comfort in food to help cope with bullying all through school. After her freshman year of college she decided enough was enough and lost half her body weight. In 2015 she was featured ...
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