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Motivational Myths

It’s only natural to notice your enthusiasm and motivation waiver with time.  However, if you find your self-talk is giving you more reasons to stop than go the course, it may be time to re-evaluat...

Tisha Ponce De Leon Changed Her Life

My hubby and I got together in 2009 and we got fat and happy together, along with being lazy. I’d been obese for over thirty years of my life. In 2011 I had reached my highest weight, 242 lbs. (he...

Mandy Brown Reaches a New Personal Best

I remember back when I was 29, being told just wait until you hit 30, your body goes downhill from there. I didn’t want to be that girl, but 30 was starting to head more and more that direction. I ...

Stephanie Pearson Got Serious About Her Lifestyle

There are many things in life that completely change a person: Graduating, marriage, birth of a child, and even your first car. Very few and far between are those that put major weight loss on that...

Samantha Olson Transformation

In November 2013 I was getting ready to work and just like every other day I was not pleased with what I saw in the mirror. I felt frumpy and just flat out gross! I had convinced myself I was just ...

Sometimes All You Need is a Wake Up Call

My name is Jackie Kuykendall, I am 23 years old and a mother to an amazing 3 year old and a fiancé to a wonderful supportive man. Ever since I was a young child I had struggled with my weight. I w...

Kelly Schumacher Gets Moving

Around two years ago I set out on a journey to find who I truly was as a person. Since I have always been someone who’s loved being active and sports I decided to find those passions again. After h...

See John's Transformation

John started his transformation in May of 2014. It wasn’t until he reached his heaviest at 260 lbs at almost 40% body fat and started having health issues, that he decided he HAD to do something ab...

Five Simple Moves for a Bikini Ready Body

When bikini season approaches, you may need to step up your workouts — but with a goal of working smarter, not harder. To get the greatest benefits from any exercise, focus on your form. Rather th...

See Collin Murphy's Transformation

I played varsity football as an offensive tackle during high school, where I needed to eat more and strength trained to keep fit. I went off to college the Fall of 2012 and started to pack on the p...
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